Bathroom Remodeling

When planning for bathroom remodeling, Boston MA homeowners have a lot of options. Many may prefer a more rustic, country, or traditional feel for their bathroom renovation. Conversely, there are a number of modern and contemporary trends that can transform an old, outdated bathroom into one that makes homeowners feel like they’re in a first-class resort spa. Before you plan your Boston bathroom remodeling, take a look at these top bathroom remodeling trends to see which of them may appeal to your style.

Comfort and Luxury

More and more, we’re seeing the trend of homeowners using their bathrooms as a private place to unwind and relax after a long day. Homeowners are equipping their bathrooms with everything from heated floors to soaking tubs to create their own luxurious retreat. Not only does a sophisticated bathroom renovation serve as a place for rejuvenation, it also helps to increase a home’s value.

Space, Air, and Light

How often have you been in a small, cramped, windowless bathroom and felt cramped or uncomfortable? For those who are looking for a place to relax, it’s key to make sure that a bathroom remodeling provides homeowners with plenty of space, air, and light. These components make a bathroom space more inviting and relaxing, giving homeowners a greater opportunity to relax. Large and airy showers are a great way to accomplish this. Hinged glass doors can help to open the space and create an open, inviting atmosphere. The addition of large windows can help bathe bathrooms in sunlight while homeowners bathe themselves.

bathroom remodel

Luxury Tubs and Baths

It’s not a great bathroom remodeling job without a bath upgrade. Many homeowners are opting for more unconventional options like soaking tubs instead of noisier Jacuzzis. Steam baths are an ideal way to help transform an ordinary bathroom into a luxury spa.

Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs are a growing alternative to Jacuzzis. Unlike Jacuzzis, soaking tubs don’t have jets. This results in a quieter, more relaxing experience. Soaking tubs are typically deeper and better-insulated than traditional tubs.

Steam Baths

Steam baths can turn a bland, ordinary bathroom into a resort getaway. When looking to up the ante on a bathroom remodeling, Boston homeowners might consider a steam room. It’s important to also consider that installing a steam room may require reconfiguration, such as a sloping ceiling for condensation draining, a vapor-tight door, and a floor drain. Consult your Boston bathroom remodeling expert for more details on installing a steam bath.

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