New Floors

Floors affect the utility, feel, and the beauty of a room. When remodeling or building a new home, choosing new floors is one of the steps that will have the greatest impact on the appearance and functionality of the home when it is finished. It is important to choose floors based on what the room will be used for while taking into consideration the design and décor of the room. While it is possible to choose one style of flooring for the entire house, it is often more practical to choose different types of flooring for different areas of the home.

Kitchen Floors

Kitchens are usually the most high-traffic area of the home. With this in mind, it is important to choose flooring material that is easy to clean and durable. Tile and linoleum are some popular choices for kitchen floors because they are both easy to clean and higher quality styles are generally durable. However, it is equally as important to think about the particular family lifestyle. If hours will be spent standing in the kitchen cooking, tile may be too hard on the joints, and a softer floating laminate floor may better accommodate needs.

Bathroom Floors

Bathroom floors come into contact with water more often than other floors, so this should be considered when choosing bathroom flooring. Tile is the most universally used type of bathroom flooring material for this reason. Laminate, hardwood, and especially carpet may sustain water damage and harbor dangerous mold if continuously exposed to the wet conditions of a bathroom. Laminate flooring may deteriorate over time and is often slippery when wet.

Living Room and Den Floors

The flooring used in living rooms and dens may vary widely from home to home. Homeowners should consider lifestyle factors and home design when deciding upon the flooring for these rooms. If there is a pool or outdoor area adjacent to a living room that will be used often, the homeowner should consider the amount of dirt and water that may be tracked in and opt for a more durable and easy to clean option such as tile. If the living room or den will be used for relaxing or for children to play in, carpeting may be more comfortable. Hardwood, cork, or bamboo flooring may be more elegant for those looking to host parties in the living room.

Bedroom Floors

Bedrooms are generally used for relaxation and sleep, so carpet is popular in bedrooms. Bedrooms are often lower traffic areas than the other rooms of the house, so it may be prudent to opt for lower cost flooring in the bedrooms than the other areas of the home. As with other areas of the home, lifestyle factors and preference should be considered. Some homeowners may enjoy the feel of hardwood floors in the bedroom or may opt for the ease and durability of tile.