In the modern landscape of bathroom remodeling, Boston homeowners are paying increasing attention to details like shower tiling. While some may regard shower tiling as a smaller component, bathroom remodeling trends are showing that shower tiles play a big role in the overall look, feel, and outcome of a project. The shower is a key focal point of a bathroom, and therefore paves the way for the tone of a bathroom remodeling. When selecting your shower tiles, consider all the options to ensure that your final result aligns with your dream bathroom.

Shower Tile Size

One of the main considerations for a bathroom remodeling job is the size of the shower tiles. The size of the tiles is both an aesthetic and a functional consideration. Smaller tiles or a mosaic pattern can provide a bathroom with a beautiful artistic look. Additionally, smaller tiles are generally more slip-resistant, thus increasing safety. To enjoy both options, homeowners may consider smaller tiles on the floor and larger tiles on the walls of the shower space.

Small Shower Tiles

Larger Tiles

Larger tiles or glass slabs require less grouting, which means that the shower will be overall simpler to clean. However, the increased smooth surface area can create a more slippery environment. When looking for larger tiles, homeowners should make sure they select a brand with a quality slip-resistance rating.

Tile Designs and Colors

There is a science and art to creating the perfect bathroom renovation look through the use of tile designs and colors. More simple and light colors will work wonders in making a shower and bathroom space look larger, more open, and more sleek and contemporary. For those who’d like a splash of color but still want an open space, consider an accent wall or area using colorful or mosaic tiles. This can act as a focal point for the shower area without “closing it in.”

Shower Tile Materials

The material of the shower tiles is another significant consideration. At the very base of this decision is making sure that the tiles are safe and durable. After all, these tiles will encounter moisture, soap, dirt, and other antagonists on a daily basis! In addition to these basics, the shower tile material will also play a role in the overall look and feel of the bathroom remodeling outcome. Homeowners can choose from a variety of tile materials, such as porcelain, glass, ceramic, and stone.

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