Being given the opportunity to create your own home is an exhilarating experience. Customized house design that features all the bells and whistles you want is a worthy investment in every respect. A custom designed home for you and your loved ones means you will have access to all the features, facilities and comforts you wish – dream living at its best.

Michael J. Kenny has been an active part of the industry for many years. During this time we came to realize that custom homes are all about customers – who else! In light of this, we work as closely as possible with our customers as we need to come up with individualized home design that encompasses all their wishes and requirements.

Designing and constructing custom homes is a serious commitment and usually requires elaborate planning, coordination and execution. Because of this, we will arrange and oversee all stages of the project including review and preapproval of proposed building plans, site surveying, clearance and excavation, pouring foundations, framing, wiring, plumbing as well as exterior design features and landscaping.

Michael J. Kenny is a highly experienced contractor, and knows how important it is to work in accordance to all applicable health and safety regulations. This is why we approve custom home designs provided by clients only after careful consideration and analysis of proposed features and additions. We will pass the proposed custom designs for review by our qualified architects, and in turn advise you on which features are plausible and which aren’t, depending on the size, layout and specs of the selected construction sight.

We will work together with customers on both exterior and interior design of their custom homes. Many people are happy with their home’s exterior, but need to remodel its interior completely like convert one story to an open floor plan or add a number of specialized rooms etc. Others might be looking to add exterior features like pergolas or patios, terraced landscaping, exterior water features and what not – again this is our field of expertise and we will come up with a custom design that overlaps completely with your own visions and ideas. We will also handle construction of large exterior features like garage sheds, sports facilities and courts, covered and non-covered outside swimming pools, summer kitchens and many more. Interior customized designs for saunas, Jacuzzis, home gyms, movie rooms etc. are also no problem for us. Some of our custom designs can be applied to existing homes, though for the complete experience we will start from scratch.

Michael J. Kenny will work tightly around the budget frame set forth by customers. We will analyze the scale and specs of the custom home design you wish to have, and compare it to the cost of making everything happen. In case something is pushing the project over budget we will sit down and discuss how to overcome the situation. Sometimes prioritizing customer wishes and requirements makes quite a bit of difference thus keeping the entire custom design project within budget without cutting down on too many features.

Your custom home project will be carried out by the same qualified and experienced subcontractors that we always work with. Having the construction handled by a single contractor means better coordination and timely completion of the project. We will ensure every stage of the build is going according to plan and schedule. Mind you, this unified and integrated work approach will also reduce overall project costs. Should you wish to change your requirements, add extra features or rollback to a previously agreed custom design, please be sure to let us know the moment you decide to do the changes.