In order for a house to become a true home for its occupants, it must provide all the creature comforts and much more like plenty of living and storage space, functionality, privacy for everyone etc. Sometimes though, the average household basically outgrows the house they occupy. More children are born, in-laws move in, kids return home between jobs or after finishing university. Multi-generational living, as archaic and oriental as it may seem is making a comeback and lack of sufficient living space and privacy is a common problem for many households.

A professionally designed and constructed home addition is usually the perfect solution to this predicament. You won’t have to relocate people from the household, you won’t have to rent or move to another neighborhood. Our specially designed and constructed home additions in Carlisle and Concord MA will increase your living and floor space without reducing your budget to tatters.We have been a part of the industry for many years now, which means we have the skills, expertise and professionalism to complete your home addition project successfully. Our architects and designers will sit down and discuss your needs, requirements, allocated funds, and all other aspects concerning the project. Please bear with us for the time being, as the more information we have – the better execution of the project.We have been building home additions for many years now and know our work inside out. We are just as proficient in designing and constructing additions and extensions from scratch, as well as repurposing existing rooms and areas of the house. We also deal effectively with addition of second levels, dormers and many more. All you have to do is walk us through the project you have in mind and we will plan, design and create the living or storage space you need, just the way you imagined it to be.Larger home additions like new garages, extension of existing ones, as well as addition of garden and tool sheds or other exterior attached and non-attached structures are also within our expertise and we will design a sturdy, functional addition that will give you years of loyal use. In case you are still looking for the perfect design and size home addition for your requirements, by all means we will help you choose from a range of solutions suitable for your particular type of property, or custom design an addition which covers your requirements in full.

The entire project will be completed at a very reasonable price, even if customers wish to add more extras on the go. As always, we work with our very own and very talented architect and building designer who will meticulously create the initial design of the additional structure and discuss with you its features and layout. We will make sure to encompass all your wishes and requirements concerning the project, yet at the same time do our best to keep costs within reasonable limits.

Our home additions will add functionality, versatility and market value to your home in all cases. All work concerning the project will be carried out by qualified, professional builders and tradesmen who know their work inside out. Every stage of the home addition project will be carefully scheduled and coordinated in order to avoid any delays and other such issues – failing to meet completion deadlines is not part of our service.

All construction work and finished building projects are carried out as per, and comply with all health and safety norms and regulations applicable in the state of Massachusetts.