At Michael J. Kenny, we design, build and renovate homes.

And yes, we’ll work with a client’s architect or designer, too.

But, primarily we design and collaborate with a very talented CAD Designer, Ed Buckingham.

By designing and building projects without an architect, we remove the laborious, time consuming and expensive steps of the middleman.

If a client knows exactly what they want…
If a client needs inspiration and exploration of several design pathways to choose from…

Then, our design and build collaboration is a very cost efficient, interactive and satisfying building process.

  1. 1 First step we meet with the client and give you a simple design and working price.
  2. 2After client agrees to the design there is a small design fee and the project gets ramped up with specifications and a contract.
  3. 3The house design becomes a set of approved building plans and the construction process begins…

When it comes to unique home design we are the company to choose. Home design is one of our fields of expertise and we are as passionate about great homes as our customers are. Designing your own home is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences. The freedom to choose and include your very own wishes and needs in the design of your home is a true highlight of modern living.

Michael J. Kenny can help design your home from scratch, and take care of everything from start to end. Generally we work with our own architect, nevertheless if customers have someone particular in mind, we will be more than happy to meet them and work together toward achieving your dream home design. Designing your home is something very personal and special thus we will try and assist you with everything we can.

In case you already have a design in mind, or have put things into sketches, we will be glad to sit down and talk about your take on things and advise you on how we are going to go about making everything happen without too many steep costs or hassles – after all budget-friendly, efficient home design projects are a favorite to everyone.

Should customers be looking for some extra inspiration with their home design project, by all means let Michael J. Kenny come up with the best design and layout for the type and size of property you have in mind. Our building designers, engineers and architects will walk you through different options and design packages. We will help you with designing everything, even small interior features.

As expected, the home design we agree upon, is devised by qualified professionals with plenty of industry experience. This means your design ideas will become a set of approved building plans, adhering to all applicable health and safety regulations.

When it comes to our professional home design solutions, the more information you provide us the better. The more we know about your personal requirements and needs the more thorough and accurate design package we will come up with. We will spend as long as necessary in discussing and better understanding what your home design ideas are about. Of course, we will factor in the funds you have allocated to the project and come up with possible design packages that fit the budget profile.

Michael J. Kenny will be able to create complete design packages for the entire property. Overall project costs will be kept to a minimum as our aim is to construct your dream home without costing you too much. Our home designs cover both the exterior and interior of the house. Special as well as standard features of all sorts can be included in your home design. Our design packages can be applied to existing homes, newly built properties or created from scratch.

If customers are looking to materialize a truly unique, even experimental home design, we will take on the challenge of making it happen. We have access to, and work with the latest and most technologically advanced materials and products, which means your experimental designs are actually executable, and not as farfetched as they might have seemed a decade ago.

We will do our best to create the perfect living space for you and your loved ones. A home that welcomes with its traditional charm and appeal, or one that screams out with your own style and individuality. In all cases, your home design will be unique and featuring everything down to the smallest detail. With Michael J. Kenny your dream home is closer and more affordable than ever before.

We believe the home you renovate or build should be unique.

Our trademark is our beautiful finish work and attention to detail.

We innovate…a secret door, crafted seamlessly into a paneled wall, now you see it, now you don’t.
We touch your memory of a special home; the one you grew up in or wished you had…the custom-built window seat on the stairway landing or alcove, a place to curl up and read a book or just daydream.

Some of our signature design elements are our coffers, big crowns, transoms and built-ins.
At Michael J. Kenny, we give special attention to closet systems for pantries and large walk in areas. We use natural birch with interchangeable shelving and hanging areas.

These are just a few of our special details.
We’ll work with you to create the perfect space that is welcoming, well-built and individual.