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For many homeowners, there may come a time for an “out with the old, in with the new” attitude. This is especially true for those who have lived in their homes for decades or for families who have passed a home down for generations. When homeowners make the decision to remodel, they have a wonderful opportunity to express creativity and bring the home of their dreams to life. When it comes to home remodeling, Boston MA homeowners should have the age-old mindset that the sky’s the limit.

Creative Use of Space

One of the great things about home remodeling is the ability to do new things with old space. For example, homeowners can find double use out of simple items, like using cabinetry near windows or other areas that previously only featured benches. This way, homeowners still have the traditional bench-style seating, but with added storage space that can be used for anything from cleaning supplies to children’s toys when they’re not in use.

Adding Shelving

Likewise, instead of separating rooms with a partial wall, homeowners can install shelving that provides a place for added décor or a storage area for books and other belongings. Shelving can also be installed under stairways for extra space that can accommodate hundreds of books and a plethora of other items that homeowners previously didn’t have room to display or store.

Transforming Spaces

When it comes to home remodeling, Boston MA and other Massachusetts homeowners should use every opportunity they have to transform spaces in their homes into areas that they’ve wanted but never had. Exhausted from long days at the office? Install a larger shower, soaking tub, and a secluded toilet area to transform your bathroom into a relaxing home spa. This ambiance can be heightened with elements like glass shower doors, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, and rich wood tones that create balance and add warmth.

Creative Home Remodeling Ideas

Take a look at a few more creative home remodeling ideas for Boston MA homeowners:

  • Living rooms can be lowered to create a special area for gathering and entertaining guests
  • The space under stairs can be transformed into a reading nook for friends and family
  • Specially-installed chutes for trash and recycling can simplify life while in the kitchen
  • Magnetic wall panels can make decorating and hanging items more simple than ever
  • Baseboard drawers in kitchens and living spaces can add extra space without drawing attention
  • A second mini fridge installed under a kitchen island can add a discreet storage place for food and drinks

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-Michael Kenny