The Highway to Hull

Written by mjkennyadminids on January 21, 2016

Just about a year ago, a great boned building sat slowly decaying into the ground. Shear age (built around 1890) and a couple of well-placed leaks had conspired to take this gem close to the edge of oblivion. It had been on and off the market for 2-3 years. After all, it could have been another 6 condos. Just what Hull did not need!

While looking for a house in another part of town, the lonely yellow structure seduced the

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The Tavern

Written by mjkennyadminids on January 21, 2016

The Tavern
Built in 1782
Renovated by friends- 2015

George Senkler was a great guy.
He started Concord/Littleton Lumber and later sold it to his employees.
Married Brigitte and all that would bring to his life.

I was working on and living in a renovated barn in Concord and had a difficult time with an accumulation of mold from a long-standing leak, which my client had ignored.

George and Brigitte offered a bottom floor apartment in a building George owned in Carlisle. When he returned from Vermont

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Best Return on Investment Renovations

Written by mjkennyadminids on December 16, 2014
Return on Investment Renovations

The exact return on investment for any particular home renovation can be very difficult to gauge. Changes in home values in the area, buyer expectations, and changing values of the specific materials used for the renovation may all have an impact on the return on investment for the project. Most home renovations do not have a 100 percent return on investment, so homeowners should consider whether the renovation will add convenience or non-monetary value to the home before completing the

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Creating a Family Room Addition

Written by mjkennyadminids on November 4, 2014
Family Room Addition

Building a family room addition can greatly improve the functionality of a home and increase the usable living space. A family room can be used for many different functions, from hosting large gatherings to adding an impressive home theater system for movie nights. Depending on the homeowner’s dream for the addition, there are many different features and facets to take into consideration when planning the design for the addition of a family room.

Location of New Family Room

The first consideration is

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Boston Home Lighting Considerations

Written by mjkennyadminids on October 21, 2014
Home Lighting

Before your Boston home renovation can begin, it’s important to consider several factors that will make your house a home. While some factors may receive more attention than others, make sure to give some special planning time for lighting. Lighting is a critical consideration for establishing the overall tone and feel of your “new” home, so don’t let it be overlooked!

Planning for Lighting

For the optimal lighting outcome, it’s best to begin planning before the renovation begins. By mapping out all

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The “Pretty Good House” Standard

Written by mjkennyadminids on September 30, 2014
Pretty Good House

Pretty Good House (PGH) is a building standard that provides general guidelines and best practices for balancing energy performance and costs of a home. One of the most important considerations is that building a Pretty Good House does not require certification, as opposed to certain standards like Passive House or LEED. However, the concept adds challenges to the designing and building process that traditional builders do not face. The standards for a Pretty Good House are more rigorous and “set

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Choosing New Floors – Boston Remodeling

Written by mjkennyadminids on September 9, 2014
New Floors

Floors affect the utility, feel, and the beauty of a room. When remodeling or building a new home, choosing new floors is one of the steps that will have the greatest impact on the appearance and functionality of the home when it is finished. It is important to choose floors based on what the room will be used for while taking into consideration the design and décor of the room. While it is possible to choose one style of flooring

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Eco-friendly Kitchen Cabinets

Written by mjkennyadminids on August 26, 2014
Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners today are more focused than ever before on improving the air quality in the home. With this focus comes a rise in concerns about the use of formaldehyde and other toxic materials in the manufacture of many kitchen cabinets. Eco-friendly cabinets provide an alternative that will help families to avoid exposure to harmful chemical emissions. Eco-friendly cabinets now come in a variety of materials and designs to meet families’ style preferences while providing peace of mind.

Formaldehyde Free Cabinets

Older cabinets

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Choosing the Right Interior Doors

Written by mjkennyadminids on August 26, 2014
Choosing Interior Doors

When building a home or updating older doors, choosing the right doors can make all of the difference. Interior doors have a huge impact on the overall appearance and impression of the home, and can change the functionality as well. Doors that may fit beautifully with one home may not work well with another due to the size or shape of the home, or room layout. The right doors can improve any home or room, though, so it is important

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Replacing Outdated Windows and Doors

Written by mjkennyadminids on August 12, 2014
Replacing Windows & Doors

Many of the homes in the Massachusetts area are well over one hundred years old. While these homes portray an era of remarkable craftsmanship and unique style, some parts of the home require updating and renovation to increase efficiency and make the home more comfortable for the families living in them. When beginning renovations on any older homes, it is important to review options for updating windows and doors, as these updates can transform and improve the home considerably.

Hazards of

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