Home renovation is a part of life – families grow larger, lifestyles change, kids move out or move back in, no matter what the reason why you decide to renovate your home, you deserve an exceptional quality renovation service that makes your home more livable and increases its value.

Michael J. Kenny is a dedicated and experienced home renovations company based in Carlisle, MA that works closely with our customers in order to better understand their needs when it comes to projects involving improvements and changes to their home.

All homes will have to undergo a renovation sooner or later – people change, lifestyles change, and along with that homes are also morphing and evolving in order to suit new requirements. Our aim as professional and highly experienced renovators is to understand your ideas and see them the way you do, in order to materialize that dream home design you have always wanted.

We will make this happen without costing you a small fortune – our qualifications and expertise will make all the difference when it comes to the overall cost of your renovation project. We are a small enough company to work individually with each customer, and large enough to be able to provide and organize all of the required solutions needed to complete your home remodeling.

In our professional experience we have come to realize that there are no two home renovations alike and that each home has unique character and is invaluable to its owners. This is why we will sit down with you and discuss carefully your vision and specific set of needs. This will help us come up with the right design that wraps around your lifestyle and everyday living pattern.

When you choose Michael J. Kenny for your remodeling project, you will be catered to by the best in the business. We will expertly organize and handle all aspects concerning the renovation, from start to end. Naturally this also includes the initial surveying and advisory, permitting and site analysis, as well as follow up maintenance, and repair work if necessary.

We will devise the best possible solution for your renovation based on the budget frame you have set forth, and we will encompass as many of your requirements as possible. Having a single renovator dealing with the project means better cost efficiency and fewer hassles for you. A consolidated, unified approach toward your renovation means no margin for error and timely completion of the project.

Our technical expertise spans over a wide range of renovation and remodeling requirements. From small things like changing your window shutters and repainting your eaves, to constructing a new en suite bedroom, garage extensions or open floor conversions. With us you receive quality work with guaranteed results. Our renovations will give you years of loyal use without untimely maintenance or other such issues. All work concerning the project will be carried out by qualified, licensed professionals who are experts at what they do. We will coordinate all stages and aspects of the work so that there are no delays, overlaps or other errors.

We are also able to come up with fully comprehensive home renovation or remodeling projects that cover multiple rooms or areas of the house, and deal with everything down to the smallest detail like intricate paintwork and fine interior and exterior decoration touches.

Michael J. Kenny works with the highest quality, industry certified materials and supplies. We use professional grade tools and equipment, just as expected and required of dedicated professionals such as ourselves. Entrust your home renovation to us, and we will exceed your expectations by a mile. With us a fresh looking, well-functioning home will become reality.