Choosing Interior Doors

When building a home or updating older doors, choosing the right doors can make all of the difference. Interior doors have a huge impact on the overall appearance and impression of the home, and can change the functionality as well. Doors that may fit beautifully with one home may not work well with another due to the size or shape of the home, or room layout. The right doors can improve any home or room, though, so it is important to consider many different aspects before selecting a door.

Selecting Interior Doors

Interior doors come in many different styles, and can be customized to fit better with a room. Selecting the right interior doors can increase the living area in a room while providing a needed barrier from other rooms. Interior doors can also be part of the interior decoration of a home, and can add flair or sophistication based on the preferences of the homeowner.

Panel Doors

The most common type of door used inside of most homes is the panel door. Panel doors are solid doors that open and close on hinges and are comprised of square or rectangular patterns, ranging from one large rectangle to a series of smaller squares or rectangles. Panel doors can be customized by adding glass inserts or a rounded or stylized top.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are mounted and hung from a track, typically concealing areas like closets or pantries. These doors either fold into one another or outward toward the door frame. Bifold doors are convenient for small spaces, and can help to create more living space by eliminating the need for a swinging door “footprint.”

Flush Doors

Flush doors are completely flat, and are similar to panel doors in function and space usage. Flush doors are much more affordable than most other types of doors, but do not offer many options in terms of style. Flush doors offer a clean and classic appearance.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are increasing in popularity right now. These doors slide flush with the wall, so that the door can be completely hidden when not in use. Pocket doors maximize space in comparison to other doors, and are perfect for closets, bathrooms, and pantries as well as bedrooms and living areas.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are often used externally to lead out to a deck, but may be used between rooms as well. Sliding doors hang from a track and save some space by sliding against one another. Sliding doors can be customized with varying amounts of glass and wood.