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Renovating houses was the principal work of the first part of my career. I worked with a top real estate broker on Long Island, going out to potential homes that buyers were looking at. After a brief meeting, I could give them a good plan and a working budget, which enabled them to make a decision about buying their house. We still offer that service today.

As a builder and a designer, there is no need for our clients to get involved with an architect. We handle the entire process. We will meet with you and give you a working layout and budget. Then, when the plans are approved by you and permitted by the town, we start building (see permitting and site analysis). Any design changes you make along the way are simple and seamless, because we’ve eliminated the middleman, the architect. Any time a structural issue arises, our engineer reviews the concern and the plans are reviewed and updated. No down time is wasted. No delaying the project with consultation and new plans to be delivered. We make the changes and implement them directly.

Over the years, our new homes sell for the same or more money than the original sales price to our customers. This is an incredible fact. This occurs because the thought and effort we put into the design and project details are timeless and classic, built as a craftsman. This translates into our renovation work.

A successful renovation marries the original structure with the new one, making it compatible for today’s lifestyle and the client’s needs. The renovation design is cohesive and ties the two in a way that is attractive, sensible and exclaims, “brilliant”! An example can be seen in one of our current projects, fondly nicknamed, “The Tavern”.

“The Tavern” is a building in Carlisle Center, built in 1782. It was a tired, four unit apartment complex. Fortunately, we saw beyond the cosmetic problems and understood the building’s potential. Hidden under and removing decades of “architectural improvements”, we found a fabulous post and beam frame. We exposed this exquisite 1700’s frame and strengthened it for contemporary use. Rather than throwing out the old, we saved the original character of the building and highlighted its original beauty in the units. Some units feature 18’ high, post and beam, cathedral ceilings; foot wide pumpkin pine plank flooring; and antique brick walls and fireplace hearths. We tied those aspects of antique charm with modern amenities: a 21st century kitchen with stainless steel appliances; high tech heating and cooling methods; the latest bathroom fixtures and all the “bells and whistles” of modern lighting. Old meets new in the best possible way.

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