Replacing Windows & Doors

Many of the homes in the Massachusetts area are well over one hundred years old. While these homes portray an era of remarkable craftsmanship and unique style, some parts of the home require updating and renovation to increase efficiency and make the home more comfortable for the families living in them. When beginning renovations on any older homes, it is important to review options for updating windows and doors, as these updates can transform and improve the home considerably.

Hazards of Older Windows

Older windows can be dangerous. Coats of paint can make windows very difficult to open and close. Warm weather also causes wood to swell, and windows can become stuck open or can fall unexpectedly when temperatures begin to drop. Older windows may also lack security features, creating an ideal entry point for intruders.

Older Window Inefficiencies

Older windows may have leaks around the edges that allow air to flow into the home, decreasing the efficiency of heating or cooling systems. This can add strain on systems and increase monthly heating or cooling bills. Over time, wood and other materials warp, which can allow even windows that are stuck closed to permit air flow. In addition to raising bills, the hot or cold spots created by drafty windows can be very uncomfortable for homeowners and family members.

Benefits of Replacing Windows

Replacing windows can save money and hassle, but it can also alter the appearance and feel of a home by providing more light and controlling the temperature more completely. Windows can also go beyond simple frames and plain glass to create magnificent showpieces throughout the home. Trim and more ornately designed windows can become the center of any room, adding style and beauty.

Hazards of Older Inside Doors

Inside doors are often subjected to extreme daily wear and tear. Over time, this can cause doors to hang unevenly and may cause the doors to become difficult to open and close. This can create hazards when family members become trapped inside of rooms or become injured because of inconsistent door function. This can also create daily stress as doors are difficult to operate.

Hazards of Older External Doors

Doors that lead outside are paramount to the security of any home. Having an older door can make it easier for intruders to enter, and may even make certain homes targets for criminals. Replacing older external doors is highly recommended, as even adding security features may not resolve the inherent frailty of an older door. Like older windows, older doors may also allow air to flow into the home, raising heating and cooling costs.

Replacing Older Doors

Replacing older doors can increase the security and efficiency of a home, but can also drastically increase the appearance and functionality of a home. Doors are the entry ways into every room, and can influence the perception of each room. Doors are also barriers, of course, and can make it easier to separate areas of the home for different purposes, such as children’s play areas versus adult relaxation or work areas.